Crystal Tree Yoga is an inviting Yogic community that supports transformation. With a large faculty of qualified and experienced Yoga teachers coming from many different backgrounds and lineages, our students are guided through a variety of different styles of Yoga. It is our wish to share our love of Yoga, to inspire students to commit to their practice and to come together as a Sangha

We invite you to join our growing community of like-minded individuals who gather here, ready to dive deep into self-discovery and self-realization. 

Crystal Tree Yoga is currently an online studio offering daily virtual classes.  For in person offerings, we offer classes at Stonewell Farm in beautiful Erin ON.  These in person classes, events and workshops are seasonal, running from roughly June to September.

Our AutoPay and Yearly members have full access to our On Demand library of pre-recorded virtual classes, beginning summer/fall 2021.

This On Demand library offers a variety of styles of Yoga & Meditation practices and class length options.


To ALL who are attending in person sessions at

Stonewell Farm

please scan or click on the QR Code to access:

Covid-19 Self-Assessment Form

prior to every class at the farm



Please note that this QR code remains 

the same for all in person classes, events

and workshops scheduled with 

Crystal Tree Yoga at Stonewell Farm.

Info regarding Stonewell Farm is included

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This is a calling to evolve.

The 200 hour virtual offering of Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training is entirely expansive, covering a vast array of Yogic techniques, philosophies and styles.

Sakalya is a Sanskrit word meaning holistic, and Sakalya Yoga is an assimilation of compelling ancient Yoga techniques brought to us from the time of the Vedas, combined with dynamic modern practices, mindfully amalgamated to empower the practitioner and to provide the ultimate means to Self-Awakening and Self-Empowerment, holistically.

Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training is unique.

It is an intensive program that creates the necessary environment and atmosphere for those sincerely walking the path of Self-Realization to experience and explore deeper dimensions of Yoga.

Registration is now OPEN and this virtual Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training begins in January 2022!

Click here for more details


Happening at The Tree

JANUARY TO JUNE 2022 | Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training

We are thrilled to be launching the very first online offering of the Sakalya Yoga Virtual Teacher Training 200, beginning January 2022. You are invited on a life altering journey to embody the path ...

NOVEMBER 9 | FREE INFO NIGHT Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training

You are invited to a virtual gathering via Zoom where you can learn more about Sakalya Yoga, ask questions about the training, meet your teachers and connect to others who are ready to embark on this ...


Follow the link for all current offerings, workshop and events. Sound Bath, Drumming, Autumn Equinox Event, New and Full Moon Sessions, Restorative Yoga Sessions, in person and virtual!


Our online boutique is live! Many of the items in our virtual store are currently listed at CLEARANCE prices! Prices as listed. Click on item images for description and for regular retail price. Pi...

Events & Workshops

As perpetual learners and experiencers, we are committed to bringing the breadth and depth of ancient, traditional and modern yogic techniques and philosophies to our community of Yogis and Yoginis. For those who look to deepen their knowledge, evolve their personal practice and explore these techniques, Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. offers unique, exclusive and experiential workshops & special events.  CTY Workshops are part of the CTY AutoPay Member benefits.


We offer wellness session, various  and alternative healing modalities that focus on self-care, relaxation and overall wellbeing. Crystal Healing Sessions, Chromotherapy, Reiki, Shamanic Practices, Private Sound Bath Meditations, Sound Healing Sessions and more.  Stay tuned for more information on location for Wellness Sessions.

Online Boutique

We are offering a collection of beautiful, every changing items for purchase.

Our Online Boutique is now open!  All online purchases are for contactless curb side pick up only, when permitted, and prices are as posted.  Click on the item to read a description and to see the regular retail price if the item is on sale.  Coming soon!  Our Etsy Shop is almost open which will allow shoppers to purchase items for shipping!  Stay tuned 


Covid Response & Lockdown

All classes continue to be offered via our ONLINE PLATFORM.  Seasonally, we offer in person classes at Stonewell Farm in Erin ON from roughly June to September.  Please visit our online schedule to see the full list of offerings.  For in person offerings, all current mandated procedures are followed, no walk ins are permitted at this time and all who attend in person offerings must fill out the Covid 19 Self Assessment form prior to attending via the QR Code.

CTY AutoPay Member Privileges

There are MANY BENEFITS to being a CTY AutoPay Member! Unlimited regular scheduled yoga classes are only the beginning!  AutoPay Members also receive discounts on many of our offerings and merchandise from our Online Boutique.  *New - we will be adding an On Demand library of Yoga classes that AutoPay Members will have full access to!

Sakalya Yoga RYS200

Sakalya Yoga Virtual Teacher Training | Sakalya Yoga RYS200 with Meera Reid E-RYT500, Sylvie Laflche-Greig E-RYT500 and Lori Ellaschuk E-RYT-200 is coming this January 2022 to June 2022 and registration is now OPEN!  

Click here for details and to register

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