Nature of Being Day Retreat



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Day Retreat at Stonewell Farm

Nature of Being Retreat

Saturday August 19, 2023


$265+hst per person

Stonewell Farm

Erin ON


Join Lee Anne Downey of Stonewell Farm and Sylvie Lafleche-Greig of Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. with special guest Zentangle Master Yvonne Westover for the Nature of Being Day Retreat at the beautiful Stonewell Farm in Erin ON.


We will begin our day with a sacred fire ceremony with meditation and intention setting. This is a potent experience to connect to the elements within and without, while turning the focus inward, allowing our deepest intentions to arise.


Sylvie will then guide our group with a Sakalya Yoga class which is an inclusive, holistic journey into Self through asana (Yoga postures), vinyasa (intelligent sequencing of movement with breath), kriya (a moving meditation through repetitive movement with breath and/or mantra), pranayama (breath work), mudra therapy, mantra, meditation and wisdom. We hold space to flow in grace between ease and effort, softness and strength, stillness and movement, compassion and radical aliveness!


Zentangle Master Yvonne Westover will join us, teaching some specific tangles to create our very own works of art! In our busy lives it can be hard to slow down and just be. The Zentangle method of drawing gives us an opportunity to do just that , slow down, mark the paper and acknowledge the time and space we are in. Yvonne is a Certified Zentangle teacher, she will guide you through a drawing exercise with this no mistakes, mindful method of creating. All of the art materials are provided and are included with the registration to the Nature of Being Retreat.


A catered lunch will be served, followed by a quiet, serene walk into the forest, to bathe ourselves in nature. Stonewell Farm is on 100 acres of magical farmland with forest trails that will bless each of our meditative steps.


The group will then head over the the barn for a Group Crystal Healing with sound and Reiki with Sylvie! 

A Crystal Healing session is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy.

Stones & crystals are placed on and around the body to promote good health and self-care via physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

Certified Crystal Healers have a sound understanding of the human electromagnetic field & how crystals interact with it. We are trained to recognize & remedy energetic imbalances or blockages within this field utilizing crystal energy. Crystal Healing sessions with Sylvie are layered with a variety of powerful healing modalities and are weaved with elements that support deep transformation, soul learning & spiritual growth. We all get to keep our crystals from the session so that we may practice this crystal healing session anytime, at home!


The day will wrap up with Lee Anne, who will provide all of the materials needed for everyone to created their own Rejuvenation Bundles which include a stick of Palo Santo sacred smudging wood, a sprig of Stonewell Farm lavender, a selenite wand and an amethyst point.


Nature of Being Day Retreat; a wonderful offering to connect with others, with the bounty of nature and with our nature of being.



Morning Itinerary:

8:30am Arrivals, welcome

9am Fire ceremony with intention setting

10am Sakalya Yoga and Meditation with Sylvie

11:30am Zentangle Workshop with Yvonne


Afternoon Itinerary:

1:30pm Catered Lunch

2:30pm Forest bathing with Lee Anne

3:30pm Group crystal healing with sound bath and Reiki with Sylvie

4:45pm Rejuvenation bundle creations with Lee Anne

5pm Group Photo and Goodbyes


Included with the retreat:

  • Catered Lunch
  • Zentangle Creation
  • Crystals from the Crystal Healing Session
  • Rejuvenation Bundle Creation


What to bring:

  • Water
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Yoga mat and bolster or blanket to sit on
  • Dress in layers, ready for movement and for the weather
  • Journal and pen (optional, for those who journal)



  • Parking is along the barn at the back, along the garage area with the shop and greenhouse attached
  • If all of these spots are taken, please come up the driveway, turn your car around heading back toward the entrance, and pull off fully onto the grass on the right side of the driveway facing out toward the exit


Important to note:

  • There are many bees at the farm. They are not concerned with us in any way - very busy bees! That said, if you are allergic to bees, you may want to reconsider your attendance, and if you do join, please have an EpiPen with you
  • There is a toilet for public use
  • If you need to apply sunscreen or bug repellent, please do so at home before heading to the farm if possible. Keep these items away from the field and plants! If applying at the farm, please apply from the driveway, parking areas
  • Photos will be taken during the day. We will mostly post very generic photos, nothing close-up or too identifying


Directions to Stonewell Farm:

  • Simply type Stonewell Farm into your Google Maps or GPS - this is the best, most accurate way of accessing the farm
  • Using the numbered address can sometimes lead to a different place - best to type in Stonewell Farm and choose the listing that comes up in Erin ON


Stonewell Farm

9762 Wellington Road 42 (32 Sideroad)
Erin ON





12 Mountainview Road South Unit A Georgetown ON