So you're new to CTY and you're not sure where to start?


We've got your back!


The Intro Special is our best value here at Crystal Tree Yoga!

As a new student on the Intro Special, you get to try out a variety of classes, meet our many teachers and see what works with your schedule!


If you are brand new to Yoga, a great place to get started is with our Restorative, Meditation and Yin Yoga style class options on schedule.  These sessions are slower paced, focusing mostly on long held floor postures with a deep connection to breath.  Students become very aware of their bodies, their breath, their energy and their mental and emotional states when practicing these slower paced styles of yoga. Calm and Restore, SomaYoga Fusion, Yin Yoga, Sakalya Grace and Meditation.


If you're wanting to start with classes that are more physically active than Restorative or Yin, Flow YogaYoga for Everybody, Slow Flow, Deep Slow Flow and Align & Flow are also wonderful options for the new Yogis and Yoginis.


Sakalya Yoga, Empower Yoga, Power Flow and Sakalya Pure Prana (meaning Pure Life Force Energy) are our more challenging classes (and challenging does not mean advanced!).  These are all wonderful options where once again, ALL are welcome!  The intensity of these classes is higher than the others mentioned previously.  That said, with ALL of our class offerings, students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and to explore these different practices, taking challenges where they can and backing off where they need to.  


Modifications are always offered in all of our classes so that all may participate and evolve together!


We do suggest that all Pre/Postnatal women attend classes that reflect their specific needs in this beautiful stage of life.  Pre/Postnatal programs are offered at times on our schedule and also through set 6-8 week offerings.  Contact for more information.


Often, the most difficult or challenging part of attending a first yoga class (for many people) is simply making it to your first class!  Once you've done that, the 'hard part' is over!


Welcome to Crystal Tree Yoga!


*Always refer to the online schedule for most up to date listings of current classes on schedule and offerings.

*Class schedule subject to change without notice.

*We always suggest that anyone beginning a new program or activity consult with their health care team prior to attending.