JANUARY TO MAY 2023 | Sakalya Yoga Teacher Trainings 200

We are thrilled to be launching our very first in person Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training 200, at Crystal Tree Yoga studio in Georgetown ON, beginning in January to May 2023!


(Yoga Alliance RYS200)


We are thrilled to be launching the very first in person offering of the Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training 200, beginning in January 2023 to May 2023.



The trainings dates are all in person, at Crystal Tree Yoga studio in Georgetown ON, lead by Sakalya Yoga Co-Founder and Lead Teacher Sylvie Lafleche Greig E-RYT500 and guest teachers - Sakalya Yoga Co-Founder and Lead Teacher, Master Teacher Meera Reid E-RYT500, Kristin Heywood CYT200 Doula, CCE, PCES, CPT and Julie Frias BPHE, RMT, FIS, PTS.


Dates and Times:

Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training RYS200
January to May 2023 Dates and Times

Friday 7pm-10pm (3hrs)
Saturday 9am-6pm (8hrs + 1hr break)
Sunday 9am-5pm (7hrs + 1 hr break)

18hrs/weekend for 10 weekends :

  • January 13-14-15
  • January 27-28-29
  • February 10-11-12
  • February 24-25-26
  • March 3-4-5
  • March 24-25-26
  • April 14-15-16
  • April 28-29-30
  • May 12-13-14
  • May 26-27-28

180hrs total in person

20hrs of non-contact hours



Total Fees - $3,200.00+hst

Early bird - $2,700.00+hst ($500 savings when registering prior to December 15, 2022)

Crystal Tree Yoga AutoPay Members - $2,624.00+hst ($576 savings for all AutoPay Members)

Deposit (non-refundable) - $500+hst


What you receive with your tuition:

  • Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training RYS200 Manual
  • Gift at opening ceremony and gift at graduation ceremony
  • Certificate of Completion at graduation ceremony (upon fulfilling the requirements)
  • Unlimited regular schedule classes at Crystal Tree Yoga studio in Georgetown Ontario for the duration of the training months - Unlimited pass will activate on January 1 to May 31 2023 (value of $635)


Payment plan structure:

To reserve your spot in the training, click the link below and make your deposit.

Deposit is $500+hst (non-refundable).

Once the deposit has been made, Crystal Tree Yoga will contact each trainee by email to see how they would like to proceed with the payments.

Trainees may choose from 2 options -

  • Pay the remainder of the amount owing in full at any time prior to the start date of the teacher training
  • Pay the remaining balance over 3 instalments - payment 1 in January, payment 2 in February and payment 3 in March 2023.

Once their option has been chosen, Crystal Tree Yoga will forward the proper link(s) for remaining payment(s) directly to the trainees.



Please send all inquiries to Sylvie at info@crystaltreeyoga.com


Free Info Night:

Saturday November 26, 2022


At Crystal Tree Yoga Studio in Georgetown


About Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training RYS200:

You are invited on a life altering journey to embody the path of Self-Mastery, the timeless abundance of Yoga.


This is a calling to evolve.


This 200 hour online Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training is entirely expansive, covering a vast array of yogic techniques, philosophies and styles.


Sakalya is a Sanskrit word meaning holistic, and Sakalya Yoga is an assimilation of compelling ancient Yoga techniques brought to us from the time of the Vedas, combined with dynamic modern practices, mindfully amalgamated to empower the practitioner and provide the ultimate means to Self-Awakening and Self-Empowerment, holistically.


Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training 200 is quite unique.


It is an intensive program that creates the necessary environment and atmosphere for those sincerely walking the path of Self-Realization to experience and explore deeper dimensions of Yoga.


It supports those choosing to walk their dharmic path as vehicles of service to embody and share this wisdom with others on, inspiring them to receive the powerful transformative tools for their own transformation and evolution.


Yoga Sutra 1.1 says "Yoga begins NOW".


And there is no better time to begin a Yoga Teacher Training than when one feels it's calling; the calling to evolve, the calling to wisdom.


This is a unique journey, so extensive in its offerings and curriculum that it surpasses the basic requirements of a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour program, preparing dynamic influential teachers to powerfully lead through presence, actions, words and through this timeless wisdom.


This is a broad, experiential exploration of the ancient technologies and sciences such as those of Kriya Yoga, Himalayan Kundalini, Pranayama, Vedic Mantra, Mudra practices and applications.


We dive in depth into the teachings of Asana, Anatomy, Alignment and Vinyasa Krama. These aspects of the practice are taught in a way to empower learners to skillfully, effectively and safely guide the physical aspects of a Yoga practice all while maintaining a focus on the energetic as well as the transcendent benefits of the Yogasana.


This is Yoga beyond the physical postures and practices. This training is an opportunity to deepen our practice, to raise our consciousness, our awareness and to live truthfully whether our goal is to teach or simply to lead from a grounded foundation of love, compassion and wisdom.


Registration is now open.


You are the practitioner, you are the teacher, it’s time to reveal the master within.



About Sakalya Yoga:

Sakalya is a Sanskrit word that when directly translated means holistic.

Holistic having two meanings:

characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Sakalya Yoga is an integrated, limitless and powerful practice that uses an array of practices from all branches of Yoga, combined and carefully selected to form a life and teachers' toolbox so profound as to prepare the student for ascension physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training goes beyond the standard Yoga Teacher Training foundations to create a community of empowerment, self expression, self creation and unique individuality.

Beyond a strong foundation, Sakalya Yoga Teacher Training provides a lifelong practice of truth and triumph by empowering each individual to step into their authentic self to live a life of truth, as well as becoming a well equipped, knowledgeable, experienced teacher.

Sakalya Yoga is founded on inclusivity and compassion and teaches a student that the greatest teacher is the teacher open to all, one who is kind, humble and non-judgemental. Sakalya Yoga is a Yoga practice, a Teacher Training and a way of life.

Sakalya Yoga goes deep into practices that invoke an undisturbed, well centred being. It goes well beyond the physical practice, to create a shift in ones energy and teach an understanding of how to mange it.

It is an all-encompassing, elevating experience that dives deep into the unbound wisdom, and limitless capabilities of the student to unite the mind, body and spirit.

A Sakalya Yoga practice will bring you on an exciting inward exploration, using an array of ancient and modern yoga techniques, that include Asana (yoga postures), Meditation (a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness), Mudra (fingers postures), Mantra (a repeated sound, word or phrase that holds energetic powers) and Kriya (a technique or action that leads to liberation).

Kriya removes energetic blocks, increases energy and balances the nervous system. It is a powerful practice in itself used to transcend old and repetitive patterns of the mind and body, while Pranayama (breath control, means "life force") helps to implement and ignite vitality, while balancing the energetic fluctuations of the specific individual.

Combining the use of all these practices not only illuminates the spirit but also calms the nervous system, balances the glandular system, stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, strengthens the immune system, increases flexibility of spine and helps to eliminate stress, anger, frustration and depression, leaving you open to transcend all that doesn't serve your human and spiritual potential.

There is always a strong focus on balance; the presence of Sun and Moon, Masculine and Feminine, the Yin and the Yang instill a sense of ease and stable sense of wellbeing throughout the practice while keeping a strong focus on breath control.

A Sakalya Yoga practice teaches and encourages alignment while allowing the individual to experience movement and stillness through their own unique expression without sacrificing safety. Students are encouraged to develop self-awareness, to practice individual responsibility and personal practice advice is always readily available in all Sakalya Yoga practices.

Sakalya Yoga is a practice so profound, so incredibly unique that it will seize the moment to create an environment where students can open their hearts and leave inspired and energized. It is an immensely joyous practice without expectation and free of all judgment. Each practice is for all beings, all ages and all levels arriving in full willingness.

Sakalya Yoga is an instrument of self-love, of holistic wellbeing and a way of life.


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