March 29 (Friday) Group Meditation Sound Bath

March 29 (Friday) Group Meditation Sound Bath

Friday March 29, 2019


Crystal Tree Yoga

Upper Level

Space is limited


$30+hst (at the door - please arrive 15-20 minutes early)

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Group Meditation Sound Bath

Sound has been used as a traditional healing tool for centuries. The power of sound is undeniable. Consider how listening to music can affect your mood and well-being. The types of sounds that Loretta creates enhance a meditative state and promote deep relaxing and healing. This experience is open to all!


About the Facilitator

Loretta Langille, BHSc, CEC, ACC

Loretta is a Certified Executive Coach, Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation, Life and Energy Coach, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator and Certified Sound Practitioner in Sound Therapy with The Institute of Traditional Medicine.

Loretta has personally found that the powerful healing effects of sound have enhanced her meditation practice, her life overall and her ability to tune more deeply into herself.

“A phenomenal experience in my first visit with Loretta. A calm, centred atmosphere that allowed me to relax and embrace the experience.” H. Hutton Kelly

“Loretta offers a remarkable meditation experience. She has created a calm, welcoming space to enjoy her well-planned and varied meditations practices. It is a pleasure to learn from her!" B. Bartley



March 30 (Saturday) Dharma Breath® Workshops

March 30 (Saturday) Dharma Breath® Workshops

We are honoured to have Jacqui Tracy offering the powerful Dharma Breath Workshops to our Crystal Tree Yoga community.

Jacqui is an experienced, compassionate facilitator who holds a safe space for all who wish to raise their vibration and deepen their awareness of, and connection to Self and Life. Her guidance and presence are truly a gift.

Thank you Jacqui, for your wonderful contributions to transformation and to the work that you so ardently do in helping others to experience the freedom within themSelves, for themSelves. We are so excited to host you and the Dharma Breath at Crystal Tree Yoga in Georgetown.

Saturday MARCH 30
Introduction to Dharma Breath (2.5 hour workshop)




Dharma Breath Intensive (4 hour workshop)



*Students may wish to register for 1 or both workshops

Contact Jacqui directly at: (705) 705-494-5251

*Please register with Jacqui by Wednesday March 6, 2019 (this is the day of the New Moon and a wonderful time to set our intentions).

*All students must speak with Jacqui prior to registering for the Dharma Breath

*PLEASE NOTE - Registration for the Dharma Breath Workshops done directly through Jacqui only.  There is NO ONLINE REGISTRATION through Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. for these workshops.

Hosted by
Crystal Tree Yoga Inc.
75 Mill Street, Upper Level
Georgetown, ON

Parking - on street near the studio or in the Green P parking lot across the street (please obey all parking conditions listed by the town)

About Dharma Breath®
Dharma Breath® frees vast amounts of energy and provides a technique that you can eventually use at home to relieve and manage stress. It encourages and facilitates one to embrace the present moment, and live life to the fullest as we all deserve.

Those who have experienced Ayahuasca (Iowaska) ceremony have mentioned that the Dharma Breath achieves much more in terms of expanding consciousness without side effects.

‘This incredibly simple, powerful breath meets us precisely where we are. If we have the willingness and fearlessness to allow the experience to unfold, trusting that we are receiving exactly what we are meant to receive in that moment, this breath can help move us to where we are not; to somewhere we never even knew existed. Dharma Breath is a unique experience that leaves us in awe of ourSelves! We are awakened to the truth of the depth of human potential, of our limitless capabilities, of our boundless innate power, becoming intimately aware of the true nature of our being.’

~ Sylvie Laflèche-Greig E-RYT YACEP

‘Jacqui Tracy’s skills as a facilitator, health care provider, musician, planner, community worker and parent accumulate into a remarkably energized individual. She is, in a sense, a blend of the spiritual and the practical, understanding that the ideal and the mundane intersect more often than less successful entrepreneurs might wish.’

~ David J. Schleich, PhD. President of the National College of Natural Medicine.

About Jacqui
Jacqui is a Registered Master of Dharma Breath®. She trained from 1978 to 2001 with Master Umi. She received her Master’s designation in 1990 and moved strongly into sharing these methods in workshop formats.
Jacqui has facilitated, organized and hosted a variety of workshops and seminars over the last twenty-eight years.
Her diverse range of topics continues to develop. For five years she taught “Introduction to Natural Healing” at Niagara College in St. Catharine’s, Ontario.
In Whitehorse, she worked with Dr. Donald Branigan at his Holistic Medical Clinic and co-hosted the weekly radio show “Future Trends” with him. They lectured and taught holistic lifestyles throughout the Yukon and Northwest Territories. A gifted singer/songwriter, she continues to share her joy of music by performing for children of all ages.

April 6 (Saturday) Calm & Restore LIVE

April 6 (Saturday) Calm & Restore LIVE



Begins February 1 (Fridays) | LifeForce Yoga® 6 Week Chakra Series

Begins February 1 (Fridays) | LifeForce Yoga® 6 Week Chakra Series

Crystal Tree Yoga Studio
6 Week Chakra Series
Dates are as follows
February 1, 8, 22 and March 1, 8 and 22 (Fridays)

$145+hst for Full Series (6 classes)
$100+hst for 4 classes
$75+hst for 3 classes
CTY AutoPay Members receive 18% off automatically when registering for this event!

Series Description:

This series invites you to go on a journey through your energy centres - known as the chakras. Through this series, we will explore the chakras in a curious and inviting way and you will learn ways to open and balance each one using: essential oils; sankalpa (intention); bhavana (visualization); asana (postures); pranayama and kriya (breathing and cleansing); mantra and tones (sound); mudra (hand gestures); body and breath awareness. You will also learn the LifeForce Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation ® - Energizing version (handout will be provided). This meditation is an integrated LifeForce Yoga practice in that it includes, pranayama, pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), mantra, mudra, cueing to sensation, and meditation. 


Most importantly, you will have a sacred space to learn more about yourself. Get to know your relationship to your energetic body, listen carefully to your inner wisdom, and learn to let both be your guide. This exploration is a way for you to reflect and assess where you are at and to begin to recognize if there are any chakra imbalances. When we are aware of our imbalances we can start to do practices that bring us back into a more balanced, sattvic state.


This series is designed to wake you up to all the different aspects of yourself; such as, the physical body, the breath body, the emotional body, the mental body and the wisdom body. My hope is that this will be an essential self-care practice for you as it will give you the space to listen to the subtle energies of the body; and respond to it with a soft heart and with a heart felt intention.  


If you would like to learn more about the LifeForce Yoga Chakra Series, feel free to contact Jazmine Juarez at



Crystal Tree Yoga Studio