Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. Response to Halton COVID-19



*Note: From 12:01am Saturday April 17, 2021, the province of Ontario is imposing a full province wide stay home order/lockdown.

All in studio in person classes will continue to be closed until the province advises that we may reopen.

Please visit our schedule for a full list of our daily online offerings.






-ALL who attend must answer a COVID 19 SELF ASSESSMENT SCREENING prior to entering the building.

-This self-assessment screening poster is on the side door, main Crystal Tree Yoga entry.

-These self-assessment screening questions are also added to every IN STUDIO class description and are included with every IN STUDIO class reminder that is sent to registered students prior to in person classes.

-IMPORTANT: Each one of us must be conscious, aware, respectful and responsible during these challenging and changing times. Businesses do not carry COVID-19, people do, and each one of us must ensure that we do our part in reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19.
















-As per the Halton Hills By-Law 2020-0037, and the Halton Region By-Law, ALL must wear a mask when inside the building - entering and exiting and when walking around in the studio, boutique, toilet (students must provide, arrive with and wear their own masks).

-Once on your social distanced marked area in the studio (at set in place sneeze screens and clearly marked area for mat placement), students may place their Yoga mat and remove their mask when the practice begins. 

-Masks worn must cover nose and mouth (face shields will not be allowed as per by-law unless also wearing a mask). 




-All who come for classes MUST sanitize their hands PRIOR TO entering the studio with the studio provided touch free hand sanitizer at the station at the top of the stairwell, NO EXCEPTIONS.

-Please do not wear any gloves to/in the studio.




-We must all stay 3M away each other at all times when at Crystal Tree Yoga.

-Please stagger entry and exit, presence in the halls and on the stairs coming in and out, etc.




-We are limiting the number of students attending our in-person classes to 7 + the teacher.




-All who attend must have a Crystal Tree Yoga account, settle the online waiver, purchase passes prior to registering for classes and must sign up for in person classes in advance.

-NO WALK INS will be accepted at this time.



-All students must bring their own props for practice, including a Yoga mat.



-Please bring your own water to classes.



All students agree to -

-have a mask on at all times when walking through the building and walking in the studio.

-sneeze/cough into arm or tissue (cover and limit sneezes and coughs)

-maintain social distance of 3M from others

-sanitize/wash hands

-stay home if unwell

-stay home with ANY cough

-no gathering

-arrive 15-20 mins prior to class start times

-not arrive late

-leave promptly after classes

-turn cell phones off





Changes in the studio:

-We have removed all props.

-We have removed the water cooler.

-We have removed the sign in IPad.

-The studio door will be propped open for a touch free entry once students sanitize their hands.

-We have added a paper towel dispenser and touch free soap dispenser in washroom.

-We have touch free sanitizer stations.



-We have increased our studio cleaning practices.

-We have procured spray bottles, continuous spray bottles and a fogger with safe, effective disinfectant solution to clean the studio.

-The disinfectant solution used in the studio fogs dry, leaves no residue and no air pollutants during use and after use and is approved by Health Canada, The Organic Federation of Canada and The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic Regulations

-The disinfectant solution is environmentally conscious, sustainable and 100% Organic!

-Disinfectant solution will be in the washroom on the counter at all times and we ask students to wipe down anything that was touched after each use.  

-Washroom has touch free hand soap dispenser, new paper towel dispenser and touch free sanitizer station. 













Creating a Healthy Studio Environment:

-We have procured and placed in L type shape 3ft x 6.5ft + 4ft x 6.5ft clear "sneeze screens"/barriers in the studio.

-A total of 8 areas where 1 teacher and 7 students will place their mat and practice from, mask free for the practice (students may choose to keep their masks on for their practice).

-We have procured an Austin Air Purifier for the Main Studio and one for the Wellness Room that will run prior to, during and following all classes.

-Classes with deeper projected breathing techniques (ie. certain pranayama, Kriya) will be taught only in our ONLINE Live classes at this time.

Studio Procedures & Policies:

-We are NOT running back to back classes at this time (minimum 1 hour gap between all in studio classes to allow for cleaning and no overlap of students leaving and arriving).

-Please always consult the online schedule for any possible changes.

-All ONLINE classes will run with a minimum of 5 students attending.

-All IN STUDIO classes will run with a minimum of 3 students attending.

-Any cancellations will be posted to the online schedule approximately 2 hours prior to class times.

-We are NOT accepting WALK INS at this time.

-All who attend must register online, in advance, for all classes.

-All who attend the studio must be adults, 18+.

-All sign ins in studio will be done by the teacher from their own devices as students arrive to classes.

-We will remain with a LIVE Online presence with classes via Zoom.

-Studio classes will show as IN STUDIO with the room indicated as Main Studio Upper Level classes on our schedule.

-Online classes will show on the schedule as ONLINE with the room indicated as ONLINE OFFERING.

-Livestream classes of IN STUDIO classes will show on schedule as LIVESTREAM.

-Classes are all touch free, with no physical adjustments being offered at this time.  

-All adjustments will be offered by verbal and visual cueing only at this time.



-The Boutique is open for purchases prior to class times and shortly after classes. 

-Only students signed up for classes may shop the boutique at this time (as we do not accept walk ins).

-All must wear a mask when shopping in the boutique.

-Students must have a credit card already on their CTY account for the teacher to process payment.

-Teachers will not be taking physical credit cards or cash at this time - touch free purchases only.

-Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. Online Boutique - pick up only - contactless curb side pick up is arranged by contacting



A message from Sylvie Laflèche-Greig, Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. Owner, Studio Director


These are historic, challenging and changing times.  In the age of information, where what is being shared and mandated are often changing (sometimes even daily).  

Please understand that the policies and procedures being implemented by Crystal Tree Yoga Inc. are those that we feel are best for the studio, the teachers and for our community at this time.  We have gone above and beyond many of the suggested procedures and/or mandatory policies to do our very best to reduce the risks as we come back to practicing together in the studio. 

The measures taken are in response to the call of the hour, and we are flexible.  When needs shift and change, we shift and change our responses as well.  

If you are comfortable with the measures that we are implementing, we look forward to having you IN STUDIO to practice with us, with in person offerings.  

If you prefer to continue with meeting us virtually for our live ONLINE or LIVESTREAM classes, we honour your choices and look forward to continuing seeing you with our full schedule of online options.

We are grateful to each and every one of you and we thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

We look forward to this next transition...



If you have any questions about the studio, the reopen, classes, teachers, substitute teachers, schedule, whatever it may be, we ask that you address these directly with Sylvie, Studio Director and Owner of CTY Inc.



Other things to consider:


Wait List

Even when a class appears to be full, you may, and should, add yourself to the wait list. When a cancellation is made, the first name on the wait list gets automatically added and confirmed for the class. You will receive an automated email or text at this time. Please consider yourself CONFIRMED and therefore responsible for either attending or canceling.


Cancellation Policy

A 2 hour cancellation notice is required by participants and must be done through the on-line system.

In the event of class cancellation (i.e. inclement weather, Instructor illness or the minimum class requirement not being met), registered participants will receive an email notification a minimum of 1 hour prior to class time whenever possible. The on-line class schedule will also be updated to reflect the cancellation.


What to Wear


Wear comfortable, loose, active wear that won’t restrict your movement. Your clothing should be loose enough for you to move in, but not so baggy that it gets in your way or that your Instructor can’t see your form. A tank top and leggings/yoga pants for women, and a t-shirt and elastic-waisted shorts for men should be perfect. You may also want to bring a long-sleeved layer, as you may get cold at the end of your practice. Also, it is customary to have bare feet during class. This is both so you don’t slip, and so that you can more firmly connect to the Earth beneath you.



We are all influenced by the sense of smell. Since our Yoga practice involves a lot of deep breath work, we ask that you be mindful of this before coming to class. Strong scent carried on a person’s clothing or body can fill the Studio space and affect other student’s practice, (i.e. perfume, smoke, etc.).





FREE PARKING is available at all times in the numerous Green P Parking Lots and on the streets and side streets. (See About Us for the map).



This is a welcoming environment where you are encouraged to let go of judgement, competition and expectations and to just "be" on your mat. Your yoga practice is about you and your inner journey. Observe and listen to your body and enjoy your class.

Remember to take all of your belongings with you.

Students must be 18+ to attend any regular scheduled classes, unless otherwise specified.


We encourage you to try a variety of classes and meet the many teachers that we have here at CTY so that you can experience different styles and see what you like best. We have amazing, experienced Yoga teachers offering classes for every ability and every body!


Embody | Evolve | Transcend

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you joyous classes


This information can change at any time, and without notice.