Begins October 27 (4 Saturdays) MINDFUL EATING & YOGA | THE JOURNEY


Transformative Series 
Interactive Workshops + Gentle Yoga Practices
With Gabrielle Allison
4 Saturdays
Oct 27, Nov 3, Nov 17, Nov 24
Crystal Tree Yoga Studio - Lower Level
Space is limited to 10
*No Pre-requisites
*No Yoga experience required



Investment - 

$369+hst Introductory Pricing
$333+hst Special Pricing Option exclusively for those who register and attend the Mindful Eating & Yoga | EXPLORE An Intriguing Overview Workshop held on October 12, 2018
Our challenges are here to teach us - to grow and transform!
“For decades I have witnessed the powerful impact that diet culture plays on people’s relationship to food and their body. The precious life energy drained through the endless pursuit of a weight, a size, a shape, a diet, and rules in order to meet outside ideals. The shame, guilt and frustration. It is my mission, my heart-felt passion to share with you a powerful way to make peace with food and your body. To tap into the innate body wisdom you were born with to guide your eating decisions and meet all your needs and reclaim your life energy to live your life - instinctively.” Gabrielle Allison
OPEN THE DOOR AND JOURNEY towards eating fearlessly, mindfully, instinctively and living the life you crave!
This comprehensive, transformative series invites you on an intriguing journey to awaken and nourish a whole new way of relating to food and your body! 
You may choose to begin with the Mindful Eating & Yoga | EXPLORE An Intriguing Overview Workshop, although this is not a pre-requisite for this THE JOURNEY Transformative Series.
Based on Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Cycle & Program, this INSIDE-OUT approach to eating and self-care focuses on building awareness and exploring why, when, what, how and how much you eat, and where you invest your precious energy.
You will focus on changing thoughts and feelings FIRST, so changes in behaviours last! Most programs focus on what or how to eat, without addressing why you eat in the first place!
Experience how weaving in Yoga - the art of listening and connecting body, mind, heart and spirit - nourishes and enriches this process.
Practice life-changing mindful eating, yogic, self-care and coping strategies to support your journey.
The magic? … a gradual re-awakening of YOUR inner expert, so that YOU instinctively take charge of when, what and how much you eat vs relying on diet culture to dictate unsustainable rules.
With practice, this is a gentle unfolding path to freedom. 
Who is this series for?
Anyone who is curious about understanding and nourishing their relationship with food and their body &/or Anyone wanting to break repeated extremes in eating patterns – overeating &/or rigid restriction, rules - and find a peaceful middle-way - without deprivation, over-thinking food, counting, measuring, weighing, without guilt, shame, feeling out of control, stuck, disconnected from your body.
Each of the 4 sessions will cover:
12:30-1:30pm - Fun, interactive workshop
1:45-2:30 or 2:45pm - Gentle yoga practice to refresh our minds and bodies, to embody the lessons and to demonstrate the parallels and metaphors between Yoga, mindful eating and life (No Yoga experience required)
3:00-4:00pm – Another fun, interactive workshop (timing may vary slightly)
THE JOURNEY Transformative Series includes:
1) A copy of the book “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat”, by Michelle May, MD, founder of Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Programs, which this series is based on.
2) Access to a private member forum at Am I, weekly workshop summary, and Daily Mindful Moment email.
Joyfully led by Gabrielle Allison RYT200, Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating-Yoga Facilitator, Certified Yoga for All Teacher, and Registered Dietitian 




Crystal Tree Yoga Studio