SOLD OUT! October 12 (Friday) MINDFUL EATING & YOGA | EXPLORE an Overview



An Intriguing Overview

Interactive Workshop
Gentle Yoga Practice
With Gabrielle Allison
Friday Oct 12, 2018
Crystal Tree Yoga Studio - Upper Level


Mindful Eating & Yoga | EXPLORE - An Intriguing Overview

Friday Oct 12, 2018


Crystal Tree Yoga Studio - Upper Level

Introductory Pricing $50.00+hst

*Please bring water, paper/journal and pen

*Please arrive by 6:30pm to sign in and set up


Mindful Eating & Yoga | EXPLORE - An Intriguing Overview

A complete workshop in and of itself, this intriguing and unique session will awaken you to a whole new way of relating to food and your body!

OPEN THE DOOR to eating fearlessly, mindfully, instinctively and living the life you crave!

Discover how mindful eating - eating with intention and attention - can transform your relationship with food and your body by awakening YOUR inner expert so YOU decide when, what and how much to eat vs relying on diet culture to dictate the rules

Discover how weaving in Yoga nourishes and enriches this approach

Discover how to use the Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Cycle to:

* Explore the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits that drive your eating decisions

* Explore why, when, what, how and how much you eat, and where you invest your life energy in the process

* Identify your main eating pattern(s) and how this model can help you transform it


Enjoy a short mindful eating experience (please bring a small food item - something you LOVE)

Enjoy a gentle yoga practice to embody what you learned and to demonstrate the parallels between Yoga, mindful eating and life (No Yoga experience required)

This is an INSIDE-OUT approach to eating and self-care that focuses on exploring and changing thoughts and feelings FIRST, so changes in behaviours will last.

If you struggle with overeating, rigid restrictive eating, over-thinking, counting, measuring, weighing, rules, guilt and shame, feeling disconnected from your body

OR you’re just curious about this approach, then this workshop is for you!

An opportunity to take the journey into deepening this process will be offered as a 4 part comprehensive workshop series -The Journey- beginning the end of October 2018!

Joyfully led by Gabrielle Allison RYT200, Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating and Yoga Facilitator, Certified Yoga for All Teacher, and Registered Dietitian







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