November 7 (Saturday) | Sakalya Yoga Kriya, Meditation and Mantra Training

November 7 (Saturday) | Sakalya Yoga Kriya, Meditation and Mantra Training

Sakalya Yoga Kriya, Meditation and Mantra Training

With Meera Reid



November 7, 2020


Live Online via Zoom


Space is limited


Who is this training for?

-This is a training for those wishing to dive deep into their own abundant nature. This is not an Asana based training.

-Certified Yoga Teachers who are Curious about Kriya Yoga and who are wanting to weave these powerful evolutionary Yogic techniques in their classes.

-Anyone who is looking to dive deeper into their personal practice.



You are Here to Evolve...


You are invited to come together in love and openness through a soulful gathering, to immerse yourself in the timeless teachings of Kriya Yoga. This diverse offering of integrated and ancient practices will take you deep into the most subtle aspect of cosmic being, through specialized Meditation, Pranayama (Breath work), Vedic Mantra, Mudra Therapy and Kriya (Evolutionary Action) Yoga techniques.


Drop deep into the ocean of your true nature and step away from the ever demanding schedule to rekindle the inner Agni (Fire).


We will dive deep into the present moment, using these techniques to refine and de-excite our nervous systems, to create an environment of deep healing and steadfast awareness as we continually arrive to the present moment. We will use the practice to refine and tap into the energy beings we are, to live a fuller expression of ourselves, and realize our infinite nature, while maximizing our potential in this finite realm of life.


What is Yoga? What are these life tools that have transcended thousands of years? This gathering goes deep into the hearts of all, and straight to the heart of this great wisdom, and self mastery. Meet the Guru within. This is our time to illuminate, and step into our light fully, and unveil the wisdom of the teacher within and without.


“Body, mind, and soul are interrelated,you have duty to the body, keeping it fit; a duty to the mind, developing its powers; and a duty to the soul. Daily meditation on the Source of your being. If you fulfill your duty to the soul, body and mind will benefit too; but if you neglect the soul, eventually body and mind will also suffer.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda





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