MAY 11 (Friday) Practical Mudras for Self-Healing Workshop


Practical Mudras is a rare offering to study and practice the foundation of the ancient technique of Mudra Vigyan. This Workshop is open to all levels of Yogis/Yoginis and to anyone curious about these unique tools that can assist one to experience vitality, that can bring balance to one’s own essence and energy and that can instigate deep transformation on all levels of being.


This Workshop is the first segment of a three-part study. Each individual Workshop is a full comprehensive session in itself with the three parts together offering a complete study in the introduction to Mudra Vigyan. Ethereal Mudras for Spiritual Unfolding (Segment 2) will be offered on Friday June 1st, 2018 at Crystal Tree Yoga (registration is now open) and Mudras of Perpetual Wisdom (Segment 3) will be offered later this year.

This first Workshop is an introduction to over 23 Practical Mudras and an explanation of their uses and significance, along with the basic knowledge of our constitutional elements and how they are balanced when using these finger postures. We will then embark on an all-encompassing Sakalya Yoga journey to centre, deepen and awaken stored and stagnant energy using Finger Postures~Mudras, Yoga of Electricity~Kriya, Postures~Asana, Breathwork~Pranayama, Sound~Mantra, Meditation and Movement.

Join us on this exclusive journey through the elements and the senses.

All Sakalya Workshops and offerings are designed to enhance and inspire your Yoga practice from inside out.  This 3 hour Workshop includes a full colour Sakalya Yoga Practical Mudras manual.

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